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"Bakit ba kailangan naka-zip lock pa yung snacks!", that was all the ruckus about almost a week before our Field Trip or as the educators from Lakbay-Aral call ‘Outbound’. The whole Grade 9 batch had the needed orientation about the upcoming travel, and what stayed in our minds is the snacks that should be placed in a tupperware, a zip lock and any other container besides from its original packaging. Actually, the commotion continued until the day before our trip, I was even one of them. Well, almost all complained! But we had no choice but to follow the instructions since it is for our environment. It is for the beauty of it. It is for the prevention of pollution.

Originally, our field trip’s destination should be the Marikina Shoe Factory, the Gardinea Bread Factory and Camp Capinpin. Since we got tired of seeing the two first destinations, some authorites decided and requested to change our destination. Know what, we have visited those venues several times already. The times we’ve been there can’t be counted through fingers. Luckily, the venues they chose for our batch is the Triple A (AAA) in Rizal. They say it is famous for the replica of famous artists and figures in life-size. Second and last destination which is the main destination where we’ll stay for hours is a Camp in Baras, Rizal (BAT HQ).

Honestly, I wasn’t that hyped. I expected it to be a normal day only. My mood was destroyed by the zip-lock-tupperware issue! Think of it as exaggerating, but it’s true. I got to fix the things I need in the morning already since I slept the whole night in preparation for the activities that awaits. It was a rush! Nevertheless, I packed all my things and didn’t forget a single thing needed for the trip.

We drove off away from the school at about 6:45. It was a long trip before we reached Triple A. While walking, I thought I just saw the real Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler, a few blocks away from the entrance. After a few seconds of staring, I was back to reality and realized that this is just a peek of what Triple A has to offer. It was the exact face and maybe the physical structure too of Hulk Hogan in life-size! I thought he was ripping his yellow top in front of me, in front of Courtesy. When we reached the inside of Triple A, I was surprised and felt proud. These statues and figures were all made by our fellow Filipinos. Just great! I wish I could show them to you but too bad, pictures aren’t allowed to avoid plagiarism. The place was filled with multiple rooms consisting of different statues. The whole time we were walking through the rooms of Triple A, I was holding onto the hem of Mack’s shirt. He was enjoying the figures he was seeing and I was just not comfortable with what I was seeing. Did I mention that I have a phobia with big statues? Well, there you go. I’m just uncomfortable with those things staring at you, with the creepy facial expressions they are wearing and their sizes are sometimes bigger than you which really scares me off. Even though that happened, it was still fun! We took several pictures outside the building and eventually left to go to the nearest ‘pasalubong’ stores along the highway. Of course, I bought the delicacies my family loves. A taste of Rizal! 

Say hi to BAT HQ where you’ll feel like you are one of the military soldiers! Upon arrival, we didn’t expect the bus to suddenly have some problems with the tire. Luckily, that occurred a few blocks from the main camp. I was somehow thankful that that incident happened. If it didn’t happen, we wouldn’t get the chance to ride a military truck. It was insane and fun! My first time! I really felt that I was in an adventure. When we reached their main camp, we watched clips about what is a soldier, what it feels like to be a son/daughter of a soldier and also about NPAs. They say that a soldier is an athlete, a teacher, a healer, a builder, a protector, a hero and many more. They are not only people for war or a brave and strong person just like what we usually think. After the clips and discussions, we were introduced to the weapons they use and the movements and operations they do whenever an enemy appears. While I was observing a weapon, I heard from a soldier that they carry it whenever they are in a mission. I tried to carry it but it’s weight is like equal to mine! I was shocked to think that they carry heavy loads of weapons along with rice and a pot to cook their food. I wonder, how does it feel like to be a soldier in a mission…

After that, we proceeded to the obstacles that are prepared for us. And one by one, we tried it. I think I was the 8th to try. Too bad, I couldn’t even cross the first obstacle where you have to cross over a 3 ft. wall. The rest of the obstacles were fine and fun particularly the obstacle where you have to crawl on the mud. I tried it for experience and it was worth it. In the end, there is mud all over my arms.

We changed our uniform into a more comfortable one before proceeding to the bus to go home. The day ends there and I wished that it doesn’t have to. All the activities, all the destinations, it was too fun to ask for it to end. It was memorable to act and experience the training the soldiers have to undergo to be an official soldier of the country. It was too fun and just makes you proud to see the works of the Filipinos that is being exported to other countries from Triple A. For your information, a few only knows that it is made by Filipinos. Others think that it is originally from a foreign country. That’s what’s sad about it. Nevertheless, it was fun. Need I say more? It was fun! It was a fun day! It was a fun experience! They say, “Enjoy it before it’s over.” I think I fulfilled that, I think we fulfilled that.

On the way home we were watching a horror movie called ‘Orphan’ inside the bus. I wasn’t focused on the movie for I couldn’t help but reminisce the things that happened a few hours or minutes ago. To actually spend a fun filled day with the best classmates and the best teachers and the best educators was just a thing to not forget. I’ll definitely cherish that day. September 26, 2012.

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Frozen Yogurt Dipped Strawberries
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Frozen Yogurt Dipped Strawberries

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